Bali Blue....

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"In the 12 years + of owning and sailing Bali Blue extensively, I have come to thoroughly appreciate the confidence that the design and build quality have given me in all kinds of conditions. 

The comment that is invariably made by those who see her for the first time is that ‘She is a beautiful boat’.  And more importantly, the comment that is invariably made by those boat trade professionals who come aboard is ‘This boat is quality’. 

Bali Blue was not ‘built to a price’ like so many that roll off the production lines of Europe and this is reflected in every element of her specification.  This matters whether she is cruised in European waters or further afield in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. 

I am sure the next owner will enjoy her as much as I have."   

………………..…….…………Pete Bailey, Owner and Skipper

…. is in the United Kingdom, available and ready now, to take you anywhere you want!